Sexy Pictures and Sexy Celebrities…Julie :)

Nude at the beach in the sunset…Julie :)

Posted by SEXY Julie :) on December 18, 2007

Nude at the beach in the sunsetNUDE

37 Responses to “Nude at the beach in the sunset…Julie :)”

  1. moneyman said

    wow julie you look great.more photo’s please. I LUV U!!!!!!!

  2. moneyman said

    The world wants to see your nipples julie.If you show the world your nipples, you will be famous—a star.and you will make millions of dollars,in playboy magazine. so show your nipples on your blog.It’s better than showing your pussy.
    thank you, I hope you take my edvise.

  3. scott said

    julie…………….ur tight……… all u represent Happy Holidays………japanesebeach girls loves you.have a blessed Holiday and a great New Year>>>>>>>>>scott<<<<<<<<<<

  4. Julie said

    I would never pose for Playboy… I don’t want my body to be available for everybody to see… only the privelged few that can afford my expensive nude album download from my web site, and if I start getting too many nude album subscribers I would raise the price from 30 Euro to 60 Euro…. I just wnat to earn enough $$ to live confortably without exposing my nude body to too many eyes.. for me it’s all about quality… not quantity…Julie 🙂

  5. reza said

    dear julie i need to nude budy picture.send me please

  6. eyes on you said

    So julie can we go on a date?

  7. ali said

    my dear julie

    i need to nude budy picture.send me please


  8. ghasem said


    I need to unde budy picture. send me.

    I love you………..


  9. Freddy said

    Wow! What a great body, Julie. Can’t keep my eyes off of you.

  10. albi said

    wow julie u are so sexy
    please send me a poster in my id
    lov u……….

  11. allan cousins said

    what a perfect body lets see more

  12. S.Anwer Ali said

    Dear Julie i m very much happy and i m with u 4 quality not quantity.

  13. Mhario said

    Tu mirada mes basta… lo demas es cai igual en todas las mujeres bonitas!

  14. shoukat Ali Jamali said

    Julie you are daimond which twinkles and values in light, darkness dose not recongnise diamond there I advise you to alway post your pictures taken in light which brights. Love you Juliana with uncountable kisses. Picture taken on woden passage is to be hanged in bedroom.

  15. Daniel said

    I would like to say to all who want to hear.. You can see this
    beautiful person in full view with a generous pay to her nude and photo Album.. Not doing so is your lost.. Julie is not
    only beautiful but a wonderful person to know..

  16. Pete.A said

    You’re one of a kind, different from others
    Generous, charming, but not one that smothers
    Optimistic, thoughtful, happy and game
    But not just another… in the long chain.

  17. Richie said

    Hey julie! I love all the pictures you post for us. and just wanted to add a responce to your responce…I agree with you,Why let evryone see.i respect your privacy and your openess to let a few of us is a great honor to see such a lovely sight.But i really dont need to see your nude body,i would rather be your friend.or lover.Just kidding!! you have an exquisit form and enjoy to be one of the few that can see such a lovely ssight.


  18. JB said

    See Julie I knew u had the body,u just need to show it off my dear!You got the tits for the tit-men,u got the ass for the ass-men(like me hehe)& of course ur of age & attractive.Once again lets see the butthole area.

  19. palash said

    hi ,julli i like u verryyyyy much i want to touch u ur skin ur heart for few second. r u agree? i like uuu

  20. maher said

    wow doood and coool

  21. syreena said

    send to me pics

  22. salem86 said

    Hi julie
    but I tried too many times to be amember through the secure membership and I already enter my credit card #, but fail to get membership
    Kindly solve my problem
    best regard

  23. rhey said

    nude pics,,,
    i love you..

  24. Jeff said

    Hi hun just wanted to know if you know who i am. Im not just in love with your body im in love with what makes you you. The person inside you. If you know me please let me know. You are my heart my soul my love if you are the same person iv been talking to you should know me from that quote. (

  25. Pete.A said

    Absolutely beautiful Julie. Keep the good work up & have a merry Christmas.

  26. hose said

    hello special super..give me new year gift..wish u a happy christmas and new…c..u

  27. Khalid said

    You are a sexiest woman I have been seen in my life , I love you honey

  28. Khalid said

    You are a sexiest woman I have been seen in my life.

  29. Melvin said

    Julie, you know I love you and understand endlessly. I sent you something so please go check and know that I will always love you and miss like crazy. We will be alright shortly and tell the twins I miss them to, but not as much as I miss you. Happy New Year, darling!!! This will be the last New Year, that we are apart. Do what you got to do and know that I am yours, forever. You know who this is…the ONE God blessed you with.

  30. Veronese said

    Julie I wanna sleep in your back!!!

  31. Barbie said


  32. gibdika said

    julie really u very good ! nice bady and realy like indonesia girls.if you don’t mind whre r u from ? at the last time I have a girl friend like u, but you exotic face. may I ….. ohhh cool sexy ! the point is I adore u heheh

  33. gaurav said

    plz focus more on boobs and milk falling from it

  34. gaurav said

    plz focus on ur boobs and on breast milk.

  35. sexanator said

    us hould show some pussy plz

  36. sridhar said

    I will fuck Julie in our ass

  37. alex said

    Your ass is perfect. I want to suck on it so badly.

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